COMODO collections for loungewear and leisurewear



COMODO GmbH brings out two collections per year: Spring/ Summer and Fall/ Winter. A firm commitment to premium quality products crafted with impeccable attention to detail whilst obtaining the best possible price/ performance ratio are the basic principles that guide our activities at COMODO. We know our customers very well and have a grasp of market trends. Therefore we are able to fine tune our collections to the customer’s requirements. COMODO loungewear and leisurewear brings together current trends in womenswear and elegant, contemporary style.

COMODO collections are always focussed on the requirements of the target group with special emphasis on the feel-good factor. They flatter the modern woman, accentuate her femininity and give her fashionable looks and a modern appearance, even when she is at home or heading for the beach or gym.

Spring/ Summer – Beachwear and leisurewear

The COMODO collections for the holiday season are the perfect summer outfits: Tunics, beachwear and leisure suits with refreshing prints made from light fabrics to adapt to the body for a perfect fit. With COMODO beachwear you will always feel comfortable yet right on trend when strolling down the promenade or heading for that beach bar or spa.

Fall/ Winter – Gowns, robes and dresses

Plush nicki and micro velour fabrics, soft jerseys and warm prints will get you ready to welcome the cooler season. Now it is time for wrapping up warm and cosy with COMODO loungewear and leisurewear.

The COMODO classics of this collection are popular all year round: Leisure suits and gowns for wellness, sports and sauna.

These are the key features of the COMODO service: 

  • Accurate and quick solutions for customer models
  • Direct customer service by our designer
  • Short response times and distances

COMODO designs trendy loungewear and beachwear garments with strong-selling prints and fabrics that can be recoloured on request. At COMODO, we put customer satisfaction first. COMODO offers a wide variety of different fabric qualities ready to be used across all major price segments.

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